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A resilient community

Are you familiar with Virginia’s Seaside?

You can now watch it change in real time with community-driven photo surveys.

Watch change happen at more locations near you:

You can also visit this sites on the Eastern Shore to contribute your own photos to the collection.

“Ghostly Forest” by Thelma Jarvis Peterson

Visit the Ghosts of the Coast tab (above) to learn about the project that inspired her song.

#DiscoverEE Stations are coming to a neighborhood location near you!

Check your local public library, ESO Arts Center, and the Chincoteague Island Trail for a bin with new activities provided every other week.

These simple activities help your students enjoy learning by exploring outside.
They are linked to elementary learning standards and are provided by local informal education partners:
UVA/LTER, the VES Landtrust, and The Nature Conservancy.

Share your learning discoveries with #DiscoverEEonESVA on social media.

Learn more:


Stuck At Home? Wander a Ghost Forest Here on the Shore

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