Learning at Home

Learning Activities

Find and download complete activities (not just ideas) for fully supported student learning at home.

Activities can be downloaded directly below. Or, scroll down to browse a spreadsheet of all activities by grade band, skills, or content focus. If you don’t see what you need (or you’d like an activity modified), you can submit a request.

*Downloads are temporarily under construction. Please use the Master List to access PDFs of each activity. Thanks for your patience.*

This work is the product of an ongoing partnership of informal environmental educators on the Shore.


Picturebook Bioblitz


Poetry – prompt 1


Poetry – prompt 2


Animal behavior study at home


Butterfly Life Cycle


Curious observer

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Student Activities Master List

Student activities organized by grade level, subject, and key skills.

    When submitting your request, consider providing a timeline and associated SOLs so that we can be sure to get relevant materials to you in time.

    Tools to Support Teaching

    Strategies and resources to support learning and to reveal student thinking – even when they are learning from home.

    WIS/WIM strategy


    Teacher guide to WIS/WIM from BSCS Science Learning


    Overview of WIS/WIM strategy to guide students through graphs

    As scientists, we build a mountain of evidence and climb it with our reasoning before staking our claim.


    CER – teacher guide or classroom poster


    CER – student support tool

    Other Resources for Science Learning

    Organizations that Helped Make this Possible